The transition from performance gymnast to make-up artist was achieved by passion than by choice. My passion for makeup started because of the many gymnastics competitions i've participated in.

For each competition, the gymnast had to display a flawless look from makeup, posture, attire, to the first steps on the carpet. It's about the beauty of contestants, the costumes, the music, the dance steps .. is about aesthetics, the types of ingredients and the numerous shades!

From the first begining everything took shape for me. Starting with every makeup for each competition I felt I need to discover myself everytime, to create imaginative exercises , to continuously improve myself and that leads me to an art with lights and shadows, with strong colors and shimmering diaphanous framing face that emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of each of us.

Following the specialized courses of Melkior School and Aba Academy as make-up artist and with a constant desire to develop my creativity and passion for color,using proper techniques and professional products , I want to paint a smile in every woman's soul by putting out features through makeup trends.


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